Mystery Tree Photos



This tree was beside the pool at the Sheraton in Moorea, French Polynesia.  I'm fascinated to know what it is as it's so very striking and attractive.  The leaves are scalloped and curled along the edge.  There were no flowers on it in October though the seed pods perhaps may be what remains from an earlier flowering.  As you'll see from the bottom picture, its a good sized tree.  

It's been suggested to me that it is Hibiscus Tilaceus (or Tillaceus) or Sea Hibiscus.  While I've found a few photos of a Tricolor Hibiscus Tilaceus, I've not found any with this scalloped or ruffled leaf edge.  The tricolors I've come across look much as a tricolor ivy might ~ flat leaves in a heart type shape.  I'd love to know what it is so any help in identifying it will be much appreciated.



Leaves and Seed Pod(s) above and below
Tree Size