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Sky Suite Cabin 1215


The trouble with booking a wonderful cabin such as this one is ~ 
it spoils you
for the future!  

First View On Entrance 
The bed with the Celebrity 
suitcase mat & pool towels

The desk area with entrance/closets 
to the right and sofa to the left.

Sofa with cocktail table


On the left is the cabin door and to the right the bathroom door.  Either side of the bath entrance has built-ins with drawers + storage To right of sink if you are facing it ~ magnifying mirror & shelves for toiletries

Looking into the mirror - the sign is on the cabin door & beside it is the cupboard where the safe is plus drawers below.  The cupboard also contains life vests, umbrella & binoculars. Shelves above toilet - opposite from sink ~ with another cupboard under the sink area there is no lack of storage in bath!

Bed turned down for nite-nite with 
chocolates, special verse & tomorrow's 
weather card on the pillows
Our cabin attendants although our stateroom attendant changed from Marivic to (I believe) Virginia.  Our butler Rasti was one FABULOUS GUY!  We adored him, simply cannot say enough good things about him and are really p'd we don't seem to have taken a picture of him!

Celebrity "X" at night above 1215 Billy enjoying his first glass of Welcome Champagne in our suite

A Few Sky Suite Notes:

There are various shots of the balcony thruout the pictures below.
Storage is plentiful.  There are 4 drawers on the left side of the bath entry, 4 drawers 
in the closets, 2 drawers in each bedside table, and 6 drawers in the desk.  The closet 
is more than adequate; my only note about this area is it is not long enough to hang 
formal gowns without them folding over on the bottom.  There is however a hook on the 
wall opposite which accommodated them nicely.  As well as the drawers, there are 
lots of shelves, both in the closet area itself plus on either side of the bathroom entry.  
Luggage is easily stored under the bed.  The minibar/fridge is on the right side with 
a cupboard containing shelves above and the safe is on the left side when 
facing the bathroom entry.  My only mildly negative comment is the TV is simply on a stand 
and would appear more incorporated into the room decor had it been placed in a 
corner unit  ~  something very easily done.  The balcony easily accommodated 2 loungers and a table with chairs for four.  They are half covered and allow total privacy on either side as you'll see in some of the pictures below.  These are FABULOUS suites and 
have totally spoiled us for *lesser accommodation*.  


San Diego

All the shots below are taken from the Hilton which is across the tracks from the Convention Center.

These steps at San Diego Convention Center go up to a bridgeway across the center and then down again to the walkway which meanders along behind the Marriott and the Hyatt to Seaport Village

The train tracks have multi pedestrian crossings and many 'stop' stations.  Both industrial rail traffic and pedestrian trains and trollies run along these tracks.  One can take the train all the way to Fashion  Valley Mall from here (and likely many places beyond

This is a shot of the trolley as opposed to the train.  The *shiny building* on the left is the Marriott and the plain jane cement on the right is the Hyatt View towards the pier from the Hilton

One of our rooms at the Hilton (we stayed here both before and after the cruise)

Petco Park

In + out at Dick's Last Resort ~ fun place to spend a couple of hours at the bar

Billy at the Pool at the Hilton while Mama shops!

Billy at the entrance to Seaport Village Harbor House at Seaport Village

Another restaurant at SV - need to check which Either Bay or Coronado Bridge - need to check which

Shops at SV Bay or Coronado - again need to check

Looking back towards SV from the Convention Center stairs

"Midway" with Hyatt in the background


La Playa Pool getting ready for Sailaway Sailaway party at La Playa 

Sailaway Cocktails

Tug leaving Mercury as we're off to sea

Cabo San Lucas

Cruise Critic Gathering


Pacifico Brewery ~ they also bottle Corona

Pelicans at dock for Stone Island 

Riding with Randi


Randi of Randi's Happy Horses Sign at Victor's

Garlic Shrimp Plate with Fresh Salsa in the "Fish" ~ Yum Yum!

Victor's Garden Beach in front of Victor's

Puerto Vallarta




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