What's This ????



There are many plants which, while vaguely familiar, particularly without 
bloom I cannot identify.  Anyone having a clue or better yet a name feel 
free to send me an email.  It will be appreciated.  :-))  I can't decide where 
to or if to move them until I know what they are and what conditions 
they best appreciate.

Many of these plants are lost in the "grass & moss jungle" which, 
at one time, was a garden.



Calendula ???

Lots of this 
whatever it is.

Close up of the leaves in 
the (very thick) hedge 

Also mixed into the hedge 
above.  Salmon Berries 

Think this is that mauvey 
blue flower - 
Bachelor Buttons??  

What's this green and 
purple leaved plant?  
Obviously a 
ground cover of some 
sort but I'm not familiar 
with it.

A spreader rather than 
a climber perhaps?

Is the spikey thing a flower 
or a weed?  The old 
branches are, I believe, from
an Azalea called 
"Gracilis Variegata" 
according to the tag 
dug from under 
the 1" thick moss.  

A type of Bay Laurel or 
perhaps Mahonia or . . .?

Whatever this is, it's a 
quick grower and it pops 
up new shoots regularly.  
I'd guess it's deciduous as 
it was much smaller in 
Mid April.  I don't believe 
it's anything to do with 
the vine as I'd guess that's s 
either a grape or 
a honeysuckle.

This is a close up of the 
leaves of the plant above.