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Cupboards Above Fridge



Subject Area Photos:


Counter to Ceiling (at back) = Height of 58 1/2 "

Cupboard Beside Fridge:

Width from Right Side of Fridge to Candleholder = 25" Maximum
I think we'll need to move the Candleholder a bit - no biggie.
Allowing 2" thickness for materials leaves approx. 23" Interior Width.
Not having any upper cabs, I don't know what a standard depth would be.  13" ??

Cupboard above counter area to be used for:

1st/Bottom Shelf = plates (side/salad/dinner) 
Stack of 8 dinner plates = 7" High allowing wiggle room .  9" is likely wiser height allowance which,
with 1" for shelving material creates a 10" shelf.

2nd Shelf = casseroles (x2), platter, and bowls  with 6" Wide half shelf at back for 
gravy boat, cream pitchers, etc.  This shelf needs 5 1/2" Clearance in height.
Small Bowls = 5 1/2" high ???  Not each bowl - what is this??

Leaves approx. 24" ? Height for TV (but doesn't include dimensions of actual shelf material) - CHECK AGAIN



Cupboard Over Fridge:

Top of Fridge to Ceiling at Back = 25" (plus a touch)

Depth of Wall Above Fridge = 32"

Thus Cabinet above Fridge would/could be approx. 23" High by 30" Deep by 30" Wide**

Width of Fridge = 32"





Ideas Photos:


The cupboard (over the fridge) needs be deep enough for, ideally the "turkey platter" to go on the top shelf with cookie sheets, cooling racks, muffin tins, extra cutting boards, serving trays (including plastic outdoor), round tupperware container and such in the dividers.  Would be ideal to have one side be a shelf (or two) to store outdoor bowl(s), and perhaps the small roaster & roasting pans.  Perhaps 2/3 of area in divided and 1/3 in shelf??  Need to figure inside dimensions to see how that would work.  The cut-outs rather than the flat edge are preferred as it will make items easier to grab.

?? How would we finish the top as the cupboard is not going to go all the way to the ceiling?



  • Width + Length of Turkey Platter is??


  • Where am I going to put Turkey Roaster?  Can be put in attic with other 'seldom used' stuff perhaps?  Not really a priority to provide kitchen space for if a difficulty.  

Cupboard Beside Fridge


Subject Area Photos:

This area needs to incorporate a 19" ??? TV on the top plus two shelves for everyday dishes.  

Notes to Self:

  • TV will need electrical plus cable jack installed.  Basic Full Cable will likely suffice for kitchen.  Want HGTV + CNN for sure.


** Scott ~ We also spoke of placing under-cupboard lighting here.

Idea Photos:

Thinking would like pocket type doors on TV Area as per picture above but not mandatory.

Oven + Microwave Area

Equipment = Kitchen Aid Single Convection 30" Oven & Kitchen Aid Microwave with Trim Kit

Area where the above are to be located.

220 Power will need to be moved here from its 
present location.


Ignore the pantry cupboard -- the micro/oven shown with drawer under is what I envision our combo to look like.  The drawer at the bottom would house the broiler tray, temperature probe and other such oven paraphernalia.  (There would not, of course, be any cupboard above.)



Gas Cooktop + Hood Area

Subject Area Photos:

Note to Self:  

  • Need to find tile for behind cooktop (and possibly along counter top edges to replace present).

  • Need to find out how to *create* chimney for vent & need to get a new vent to put in it.



Cooktop Area = 25 1/4" Depth & 30" Width

Idea Photos:




Note to Self:  door handle in far left of picture ~ might like something like this for pantry cupboard?  Perhaps could have made of wrought iron?  Also like the lights shown ~ think would work well over sink.

Another fan vent hood idea.

Another tile idea behind cooktop

Paint finish

Fan Vent Hood

Fave Kitchen!

The drawers, pictured here, under the cooktop are kind of along the lines of what I was thinking.  Not sure though if I want them open but perhaps.  Would fit with the 'rustic' ambience however would also allow for dust (and dog/cat hair) to settle on stuff not often used.  
No - don't think open is a good plan!

I really like the idea of this 'split drawer' allowing storage for lids at the front.  Great for the bottom drawer as it would be the one requiring the greatest height (as it would contain the "big and heavy" 
casseroles/Dutch ovens.
The drawer above could contain the various fry pans, as they don't require much in the way of height, with the top drawer being the narrowest for utensils + oven mitts (see below). 

Note to Self:  What is the largest lid size when standing on end???

Drawer notched for gas on back right corner.

This is what I'd like for the top drawer directly under the cooktop  ~  a divided drawer for oven mitts & various spatulas/spoons & other such 'awkward to store' stuff of a similar nature.

Note to Self:  

  • How wide is this drawer likely to be?

  • What is the depth need for the top drawer & for the bottom drawer?  

  • What would be left for the middle drawer (frypans)?


Cooktop Specification:  Windcrest CTG305D
Cooktop Visual:  


Large Pantry Cupboard In Kitchen

Since we are going with the *breakfast bar* idea, I've deleted the former notes.  I will insert my very basic plan for this area shortly.


Pantry Open Jammed with Stuff

Assorted Pantry Photo Ideas 



Laundry/Utility Area:


Left Side

This side to have:

  • Cupboard over Washer/Dryer

  • Utility Sink on right side of W/D with cupboard and drawer under & a cupboard above.

Notes to Self:

  • How much physical room is there beside W/D?  Need to know max size sink I can buy.  

  • Can these cupboards go all the way to ceiling?

  • Would be nice to be able to store mending items above sink.  "Sewing Circle" needs 13" deep shelf.  

  • Cupboard over W/D to contain seldom used stuff such as jelly molds, angel food cake pan, 
    wooden lazy susan, possibly turkey roaster, etc. -- list more/similar items.

While this is a kitchen picture, it conveys the idea of what I see under the utility sink in the laundry area - a drawer at the bottom and the cupboard area overtop.  

Notes to Self:  

  • Drawer is for storage of cleaning rags & clothes care items such as sticky roller.

  • Cupboard for Laundry Supplies - detergent/bleach/sudsy ammonia . . .

  • Need to choose sink, taps & tile.

  • Need name of Plumber

Scott ?? - is there a way of continuing the left side of the cupboard above the W/D all the way to the floor?  I'm thinking that would hide the *whiteness* of the W/D.

Right Side


Present Configuration for Laundry Area Pantry Plan

I need to rework these for our 'new ideas'.  Meantime they give some ideas of my storage needs.




Island Ideas:


Island to contain seating area, cookbook shelves (at dining room end), Warming Drawer & 'Bread Drawer', a recessed area for dishtowels at the cooktop end and, ideally, a shelf for a large chopping block.  Also should have electrical connection.   We'll have to put this together better but its not our top priority so we have time to do that.


Idea Photos

Cookbook Shelf Idea for Dining room end.

While this is larger than ours will be, the basic idea conveyed of one rounded side and one flat is the basic idea.  We talked of a 34" height  and I think that's a good plan considering the size of the kitchen.  "Others" seem to think this is a bad idea (putting in an island) but as long as it's not "huge", I think it will work fine.  Once some of the pantry cupboards are done (and thus the floor gets cleared off) I will tape the island out on the floor and may 'build it with boxes' to get a better conception IRL.  We only need seating for 2.  
More is good but not required.

Small Pantry Cupboard

In conception stage ~~ kind of thinking out loud here.  I like the idea of having pull out drawers, some with bins for potatoes, onions, garlic, etc.  The space here is so useless now as its difficult to get to the back.  Could possibly do a couple of pullouts with those spice inserts they use for drawers.  Don't know if they'd fit but its an idea.  Another drawer could be used for all the 'storage containers' I have.  Door will probably contain racks for storage of wax paper/saran, etc. so drawers don't need to be full depth.
Later ~ definitely want to go with wood pullouts here as it needs to get done.  Have to look into what's available.

Miscellaneous Thots & Ideas

Drawer Dividers ~ wood not plastic:

*Stuff* to Place List:
Small Mixing Bowls
Large Mixing Bowls
Pie Plates + Loaf Pans
Liquid Measuring Cups
Spatter Screens + Large Lids
Cookie Trays + Cooling Racks
Large Round Tupperware Saver
Plastic Outdoor Trays (x2)
Plastic Outdoor Bowls
Open + Closed Roasting Pans
French White Corning Stuff
Glass + Plastic Leftover Containers
Dinner, Salad + Side Plates
Service Platter
Service Casseroles
Gravy Boat / Pitchers + Egg Cups
Large Bowls
Small Bowls
Kitchen Glasses
Large Aluminum Bowls
Jelly Molds/Angel Food Tin/Bundt Pan/ and similar
Canned Goods
Pasta Jars (Small)
Rice + Gravy Mixes
Baking Basket (Bkg Soda/Powder/Food Color/Crm of
                      Tartar and similar)
Dry Goods - Scall Pot Mixes/Rice Mixes/S+B Mixes  . . .
Large Rice/Flour/Icing Sugar/White Sugar
Dog + Cat Food Jars + Cans
Crackers Boxes - Larger
                      - Smaller
Colander + Sieves
Large Foil + Saran Wrap Boxes
Small Foil/Saran/Wax Paper/Parchment Paper . . .
Ziplock Bags - small/medium/large
Small Appliances - Donut Maker/Rice Cooker/Sand Maker/
                          Blender/Crockpot/Food Processor +
                          Instrument Rack
Dog Dishes
Oils + Marinades - Regular or Small
Oils - Large
Large Spice Refill Bottles
Large Flour/Sugar/Rice
Snack Items - Potato + Nacho Chips Plus
Soup Pot / Beige Large Pot / Copco Large Pot . . .

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