Bedroom Level Projects



Master Bedroom    Middle Bedroom    Office Bedroom   Main Bath

Master Bedroom
12 x 14'

Empty Room



Thinking about these items for M Bedroom.  Never been one for 'bedroom suites' but maybe its time (before there is no time left - LOL!! ) and I do like this.  From Pier One - not tres dineros but seems to be reasonably decent quality.  Below the furniture photos stuff are some linens/bedding I've found (which took hours in case you wanted to know that!).  Anyone willing to voice there thots, I'm surely open to them.

Queen Size Bed

Entertainment Centre to be used as Armoire (no TV's in the bedroom TYVM).

Nite Stand (x 2 of course) 6 Drawer Chest

Bench - like it but not sure if I could use it.

Bedding Choices

Do you have ANY idea of how much bedding/linen is available on the net??  Blows ones mind!  There are likely more I haven't found but this is what I've come across so far. . . . 


Weblink for this set  --  Not as colorful as I might prefer but you can do that in the walls and you can buy all the yardage of the various fabrics which is a plus to me - YMMV.  Negs are there is no clear explanation of the material.  Hmmm.



Weblink for this set -- not cheap but (of course) I love it.  Wouldn't do the quilted thing for sure and likely cut back on the striped stuff somewhat.  Damn - why do our lottery tickets never pay off??  Another link for this set you'll find here.



Weblink for this set - No I wouldn't be ordering the 'grass bedskirt' but the comforter/shams I like and I could likely put other stuff together for it.  Hmmm - is this too much work that would never happen?

I'm sure I've seen more somewhere/sometime but of these three, I lean most heavily towards the Brahmin set (middle one) but then I'd *lose* (as in get rid of) lots of the stuff that likely creates the picture.  Perhaps Wailea (the first one) is the wiser choice as it is less expensive (always a factor), has many  more components and I can perk it with wall color, pillows and such.


Middle Bedroom
9' x 10'


The middle bedroom is small but adequate for a guest room.  Closet is a reasonable size and 
the window faces east thus gets morning sun.  Double bed with side tables fits fine but not a lot of room 
for any other furniture.  

How do you like the carpet?  Groovy hunh?  :-))
We're planning on using the Master Bedroom Carpet for this room.


A somewhat unclear picture of the closet - doorway is down (left) of the closet.  Due its smallish size, its very difficult to take pictures of.

I had this border (plus a queen size flat sheet) left over from the last house and, as we want new stuff for our bedroom, thought we'd try it out for this room.  Was a little concerned the wall color would be too much for 
such a small room but I think it's going to work.  
Since writing the above, I've found bedding, a bottom sheet to go with the queen flat I had so can make the comforter, and a throw pillow.  
Can move forward with this room IF I get all the ironing done and out of there.  :-))


Front aka Office/Bedroom
10' x 12'


This room will be used largely as my office & personal retreat.  We have an *Aero Bed* which we can easily put up here when/as the situation warrants.  However it's larger purpose is for my *quiet time* and as an office for me.  Although I love the warmth of the colors traditionally found in Mexico & Spain, this room will *march to a different drummer* in that it will indulge 
my love of the sea and all that is sea blues/greens.  It faces largely south.  This room presently has a totally revolting striped brown/rust carpet (see guest bedroom photos above).  I'm imagining it finding it's future home in the garage for the pup to dry off on.  

Fabulous carpeting don't you think?
I'm thinking of painting the interior of this arch a different color from the balance of the room and replacing the present shelving with something more substantial.

Not sure why this came out in weird colors as the light/washed out blue (above) is the "real" color at present.  The flower border is definitely on the hit list.  And now it's gone.  Luck was with me -- it was a 'mactac type' border and peeled off easily.

More about this later - definitely an issue.

These are some of the paint samples I've picked up.  Forget the blah ones, its the bold color ones I'm leaning towards.  The challenge is I have these 'plain jane gray' units I had built for my office in the last house and cannot afford to replace them right now.  Sooo . . . I have to either ignore them (color wise) or pick a blue color that "speaks to me" with the hope I can do something about the gray stuff later.

I bought these drapes not easily discernible I realize) and am leaning towards the paint color second from the top.

4 Chips of the same color together beside the drape color.  This is actually a little washed out from the *real* color.  The color is Behr's "Artesian Water".  I'll paint a test patch soon and try to get uploaded.

Love this idea.  Actually I think this is from your place 
Tropisol - yes??  :-))  I have tons of shells to use.  Could easily duplicate this one.  Flattery is the highest form of . . . ya think?
Idea Photos

From the *Weird but True* ~ a Kleenex box on which the color palette appealed to me.


Main Bath


Need to keep in mind that this room can be seen from Living/Dining area below so need some color flow.  Thinking this will be a winter project.  It's not great but it functions and we can cope.  

Obvious change items are cabinet knobs, lighting and paint.
Complimentary colors in the two different areas which highlight the arches 
might be an idea.

We *discovered* that rather than a bisque/almond tub, its been painted!  And yes the assist thing has gone.


Idea Photos


There is a linen closet in the hallway.  I'm thinking I'd like to turn it about so that it faces into the bathroom as this one does.  Doing so would provide more room for 'stuff' 
in the bathroom and it would make towels 
more easily accessible.

A plus is that it would create a blank wall in the hallway instead of a 'bunch of doors'.

Idea Photos ~ All Rooms

Very interesting how they've painted a mural on the wall to give the impression of a giant headboard.

Took this picture in a shop in Zihua on Mex/Riv Cruise Early '04

FABULOUS Headboard!!!  
Anyone seen these anywhere?  
If so, are they hugely expensive and
where do I look for one???