Pots 2005



This page is a record for me of what I planted in various pots and the results thereof.  Sort of a where it is/what it is & did it work thing.  :-))


Planted First Week of May


Mexican Pot (with stick in it) is Astilbe "Rheinland" -  a strong melon color.  A perennial it will spread so can be planted into garden and also divided if clump becomes too large.  Loose well-drained soil.
Round pot is a mixture of 2 Supertunia "Lemon Plume" with 2 Iponmoea batatas "Margarita" (Sweet Potato Vine) & 2 Lobelia "Laguna Sky Blue" - all from Proven Winners.  All are full sun to part shade and none will overwinter unless kept above 30 degrees.

Blue pot is destined for the Pond area.  It contains 2 white Agapanthus (African Lily), a Heuchera (aka Coral Bells) "Velvet Night" and a Sedum "Angelina".  :-))  The Agapanthus & the Heuchera are perennials.  The Agapanthus bulbs will multiply thus established clumps and be divided.  I have two different packages of these, one saying full sun and another saying part sun!  Need to check that out.  Heuchera is full to part sun and hardy to zone 5 with Sedum the same and hardy to zone 3.

Front Balcony Pots - Large contains 2 Geraniums of an unidentified color, 2 Lantana - one "Sun Kiss" and one "Professor Raoux", a Bacopa "Big White Falls" and an Orange Purslane all of which deal well with full sun.
The small pot contains Cuphea "Dynamite" (aka Cigar Plant) - an annual and likes full sun.  Good plant for hummers.
Two Zonal Geraniums - one "Jazz & one "Charmant" plus Heuchera "Dolce Key Lime Pie" plus Lysimachia congestiflora "Outback Sunset" plus Calbrachoa "Celebration Orange" and a Dracena that was here, left over from last year.  There may also be a Diascia "Flying Colors Apricot" in here???

This plastic pot with the Dracena was here - another left over from last year.  I've planted 3 Dahlias - 2 orange and 1 yellow - around it and will place it where the 'plastic effect' isn't too obvious.

Planted Fourth Week of May