Pantry Cupboard Now - 'important stuff' is just shoved in somewhere.  Some stuff is destined to be housed in other areas thus no attention need be paid to the present contents.

Good example of what I'd like to see although my cupboard is not as tall as this one.  Shows what I mean by the *U-Shaped Shelf*.

Over All Interior Dimensions:

Width  = 34"
Height = 65"
Depth  = 27"

Top Shelf - Cut to -->16" (prefer 12" but don't know it would work for support) Deep and retain 34" Wide 

** If I could cut the depth down then could perhaps put racks on door for wax paper/plastic wrap/ziplocks & like that??

Interior Height = 12" High
Storage of:  Cracker Containers / Pasta / Tea/Coffee Stuff  (Possibly Flour + Rice Jars (10"), Br Sugar Jars)

** May not need Tea/Coffee stuff here if works by toaster oven shelf.

2nd Shelf with Partial   *** Re-thinking this - these two should be at the top!

Main Shelf - 26 1/4" Deep x 34" Wide
Storage of: Dinner & Dessert Plates, Round Open Dish, Square Casserole, Meat Platter** and some Kitchen Glasses
Height at side below U Shelf = 11"
** 1/4 Round or similar on one side for Meat Platter

Partial Shelf in a U-Shape
Height from Shelf Above =8" (usable space)
Width of U-Shelf at back = 7"
Width of U-Shelf on sides = 6"
Storage of: 
@ Back --> Side Plates, Bowls, Sugar Bowl, Creamers
@ Sides --> Mugs + Kitchen Glasses

Total Height = 19"  
ADD 2" if possible on bottom.  Another 1" on U-Shelf would also be good. 

Present Third Shelf replaced with Roll Out Drawer - 22" x 30" ?? 

Storage of: Casseroles - Corning / Pyrex / Copco / Pie Plates perhaps + Misc Bowls
Height = 12"

Bottom Roll Out Drawer - 22" x 30" ??

Storage of: Soup Pot / Miscellaneous Pots, Pans & Roaster(s)
Height = 12" Minimum
ADD 2" plus if possible.

Total Allowable = 65" - 12" - 12" - 12" - 19" = Leaves 10" for actual shelving and any additional space



Replace present shelving with pullout drawers to contain:

Top = Baskets for gravies, etc.  & Baking Basket (Can stay as shelf)

One Drawer for Potatoes Onions etc

One Drawer for Plastic Containers

One Drawer for Flour Sugar(s) . . .

One Drawer for Boxed Stuff - Cakes/Rice Mixes, etc.

As this is a framed cabinet, supports will be needed on each side of the drawers thus decreasing the actual space but that's better than 'delving into the dark reaches' with a flashlight!


Need to do measurements for here.


Laundry Pantry Cupboard
Over All Maximum Dimensions: 
Width:   64"  /  Height:  95" /  Depth:   21"
   <----------------------------  30"  --------------------- >  < ----------------------  30"  ------------------------->

Electrical Panel Access
Right Edge of Panel is 22" from left wall.
Top Edge of Panel is 12" from Ceiling
Bottom 12" of Panel has no access needs

Boxed Goods + Pasta Jars
10" Height allows clearance.

Shelf for:
Iron + Spray Bottle(s)
Lint Rollers & Brushes
Height of 11"  Minimum

Ironing Board
(60" Height) 
Step Ladder 
(32" Height)

One hung on each side)

Width = 9"

Canned Goods
11" Height will allow for 2 large cans to be 
stacked with clearance.

Stack Laundry Cart:
19" Wide
40" High
17" Deep


Width = 20"
Need 1/4 Round at Front of Shelf to 
keep cart from rolling forward

 Food Processor / Bread Machine / Crockpot / Rice Cooker  (and room for Processor Utensil Rack on door)

Guessing @ Height of 17" - check for accuracy

 Sandwich Maker + Donut Maker 
Guessing @ Height of 6" - check for accuracy


 Storage Containers - Plastic + Glass
Shelf Height = 12" Interior


Bulks Items: 
Spray+Wash/Floor Cleaner/Windex/
Washing Soap

Shelf Height = 13" Interior

Bulk Items e.g.: 
Paper Towel, Serv., Klnx, Vinegar, Salt, Olive Oil, Soy Sauce, etc.
Shelf Height = 13" Interior

Planned Depth = 18" NOT Including Doors (does it need to be this deep??)
Doors = 2 15" Doors on each side 
Do we have to create 'framed cabs' or could they be frameless???



Washer/Dryer Side of Laundry

Over All Dimensions:
Cupboard with 1/2 shelf --> (opens to left) decide height for shelf <-- to store Angel Food Pan, Jelly Molds, Large Alum Bowl, Wood Lazy Susan, Fondue Pots & 
other such 'not often used' items.

?? Can we do one solid piece on right side that hides W+D??  Perhaps with some kind of opening for heating?  Large holes bored perhaps??


Cupboard over sink -- Double Doors -- to store Vases + other Flower Supplies??  Vases are least important though as don't use that often and they are fine where they are.  Sewing/Mending stuff more important.

??? -- How big is this cupboard going to be??  Depth/Height/Width

Stacking Washer + Dryer

(baseboard heat behind)








Sink + Counter with Tile Surround
on counter surface + wall.
Cupboard under sink - door opens to right if single
Storage of some Bulk Cleaning Supplies??
Drawer at bottom/floor level -- cleaning rag storage.