North West Side

This area is behind the house, beyond the living/dining and kitchen areas.  Well up from here there is a long shed and beside that an fenced area which - next year - we'll likely turn into a tomato growing area.





The 'building' is the pump house for the well.  It has a really neat 'water well' (for lack of a better description) attached which we've got working but needs cleaning up and repainting.  The area in front was totally overgrown; at some point between April 15 & May 15 it became so overgrown I was considering creating a game called "Find A Plant".  :-))  Below you'll see some of those I did find.

Can you find the deer?  :-))  We really do enjoy seeing them 'grazing' -- at least until they begin grazing on the newly planted acquisitions!  It's a hard balance and thus far, I've not seen away we can enjoy this property and allow them to do so concurrently.  :-((

Dicentra planted in *that hayfield area* which was formerly a well-maintained English style garden.  Not an English-Style gardener myself, I need to find a place for these plants.  Plants are waaaay expensive to just deep six.

This is a fig tree (species unknown) beside the west side of the house.  As you'll observe, its been planted waaay to close and is now leaning out considerably.  When I believed this was the only fig tree, I wanted to retain it.  I now find I have another and am thinking 'maybe not'.  :-))
In the future we'd like to create French Doors off the Dining Room and a patio in most of this area.  The Lilac which you see past the fig tree is already gone.  
This looks from the Southwest side towards the Northwest side.

Another view of the unpruned and rampantly growing fig over the crabgrass strewn "English Garden" area.  The grass is three times as high now (end of May) even though its been *trimmed* a couple of times.

And this would be what?

Lady's Mantle hidden in the rampant crabgrass.

Some form of Campanula perhaps?  Came out in purple bell type flowers.  Further research is bending me towards Columbine.

Dreadfully eaten something.  Looks vaguely familiar but . . . . .

Kerria gone nuts.  This bush is great for color in early spring however the size of this is a little over the top.  Definitely needs some containment.

Cotoneaster beside the patio.  Another plant that is likely planted in the wrong location as its reaching for the light.  I'd like to cut back, hope for some thickening as a result, and reduce it's top size as I don't want the 'light block'.

Flowering Quince - love this bush but again severe pruning required.

Rhods past the Quince

"The Jungle" aka lots of great plants, some as yet unidentified, all perennials, but this is intended as a patio area so we need to do some 'relocation' here.

This is  a pink tree Peony which I'd like relocatedl  After visiting a local nursery I REALLY want to relocate it.  The price of plants has gone totally crackers!

Peony about to bloom.

What is this?  Certainly a prolific bloomer!

No idea about this yet but there is surely lots of it!

Closeup of leaves of above photo

Abovr intermingled with mmmm - Salmon Berry perhaps??

And this is?

And this is?

Looks like some kind of Cotoneaster maybe?

Is it weed or is it plant??

Another vaguely familiar tree but . . . not sure what.