GW Pic Update + Storage


The original condition! The border print I'm using.

Headboard idea but using the same curtain rod (though longer) as the window & using the extra two turquoise curtains as the fabric.

Two turquoise curtains simply tied together to get idea of effect.

Painted with comforter done -- progress so far.
Object in right corner is a throw.

Original #1 Original #2
Can you imagine all these cabbage roses in a Spanish Style home?  Yikes!
Former Dining Chandelier Moved Here Please Excuse our Ironing Board + PC!
Can you find the PC? Puddytat not 'Puter.  :-))
Reasonably accurate for colors in duvet.
Picture on right is most accurate for euro pillow sham colors
Perhaps should note here, I have the window valances show in this picture but not the drapes themselves.  At some future date, would be thinking to get dark wood blinds for the two windows.
Picture from Thomasville of Linens ~
Kahlua aka Isla Saoma
Example of Melia -- not getting the footboard but just the headboard.  Will get the bench which will go at the foot of the bed plus chests, night tables + Entertainment thing.

Terracotta Bead Cross bot in Mex ~ Love It!
Probably not the right place for it but . . . see
next comments.

New-est Hall Light.  Seems a little small but we'll
deal with that when we get to Project: Front Hall!

$30.00 picture bot from Canadian Tire! (A large hardware store for the non-canucks).  Hey ~ it works!

Two $50.00 prints bot from Winners ( like TJM or Ross type stores) -- colors work & it fills the hole created when I moved the mirror.  Not perfect but works for now.

New Dining Chandelier bot on eBay.  Saw one almost identical on HD US for $187.00 and got this 
one for $120.00 Cdn delivered.  Believe it needs to be a little lower but the resident electrician can
only handle just so many requests at one time.  :-))  
Funny aside - since buying and hanging, I've seen this chandy in at 
least 5 pics in the Home Decorating threads.  LOL!!


Sorry - this pic ( and a couple of others ) is a bit dark but at least it conveys the essential item --->
no TV in the Livingroom!  Oh Yay!
I realize I need to replace that wimpy plant ( which is artificial no less ) under
the window with one of more impact.  It's on the very long) list.

Bell on Front Porch bot In Mex.  February Pic so looks a little bare here.
Will take another pic as all is planted.  Would like to replace the lights . . . another item for my 
Mex Shopping list.

Mirror I picked up at Pier One on sale.  Really more Asian but carving and color is such that it works.  
Please excuse my wimpy plant.  Need a basket and a healthier looking plant specimen here.

The ' rustic shelf ' is back up & copper pots hung.  Still no tile -- sigh.
Also need a towel bar so they aren't hanging on the oven door.

New mirror above FP as well as candle holders I bot before I moved 
here two years ago!  Amazing progress eh?
The other stuff on the mantle is miscellany that has moved elsewhere.
Need a new mantle but . . . later.  :-))