What's This ????

There are many plants which, while vaguely familiar, particularly without
bloom I cannot identify.  Others may be problems I'm having.  Anyone having a clue or
better yet a name feel free to send me an email.  It will be appreciated.  :-))
I can't decide where to or if to move them until I know what they are and what
conditions they best appreciate.



Calendula ???
Comes up early every spring, blooms and 
then looks like poop from then on. 
Think I'll just remove it.

Fern ID's

Need ID for these ~ they are really unique and attractive but as they were already here, 
I've no idea what they are.

Garden shed path fern

Fish Pond path fern

Hosta Problems

Guacamole with splay and rolling leaf edges

This is a hosta Guacamole (I believe) that did great last year (first year of planting) and came up strong this year, but now I'm getting this splayed leaf effect and the edges of the leaves are rolling under.

Twilight Hosta

This (I believe) Twilight which grew fine last year and came up well this.  But now it's suddenly limp and obviously suffering.  I can find no trace of disease or insect damage, either on the soil or on the plant.  I've now cut these leaves off to see if it regenerates.  But I'm puzzled what is causing this.


These are my Trachys on either side of my front door (or more accurately my front porch).  I bring
them under cover of the front porch in the winter months - December thru March).
Why are they getting this leaf damage?

Unidentified PITA

No idea what this is - I call them "Mapley Things" but whatever they are, they are very invasive.  No matter how much I rip them out - even deeply, they reappear.  Total PITA!

Unidentifed Bush Thing

No idea and this isn't a very good picture.

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