The West Side is a large area encompassing the back side of the house 
all the way to the shed area and back fence. 

Why anyone would plant a tree the size a fig can attain one can only guess.

Kerria in bloom looking towards back yard to west.

So now the fig tree is gone.  What to do?

I need to take another photo to show this but the LPG tank is in now - somewhat to the right of the 'concrete square'.  The tank will have a lattice surround to disguise it somewhat.  I think we'll eliminate the Virginia Creeper as it doesn't do much but grow 'raggedy anne style'.  We need to define this bed and likely raise it a bit -- then create a walkway in front as mostly it's kind of muddy and not terribly attractive.

Plant Ideas For This Area:

Rodgersia Aesculifolia-Podophylla + Tabularis

Zone 3-8
Generally 3-6 Feet Tall + Wide.
Astible-like blooms in mid-late summer.
Rodgersias develop large clumps after a few years. They prefer shade and moist rich soil but can tolerate sun in cooler regions. Propagate by division in the Spring.  Podophylla has large leaves to 16" wide & can grow 5-6 feet tall with bold toothed leaves.
Aesculifolia has 10-12" long leaflets with totals of 18-24" spread.
Tabularis has 36" wide leaves & loves moist rich soil.

Aucuba Japonica Picturata

*Zone 7 - 9
*Partial to full shade. 
*Slow-growing to 4 to 6 feet high, almost as wide.  
*Follow a regular watering schedule during the first growing season to establish a deep, extensive root system. *Watering can be reduced after establishment. 
*Feed with a general purpose fertilizer before new growth
 begins in spring.
*Be sure to get both a male and a female if you want
 berries in fall/winter.


Picturata is often referred to as *Sawtooth* Aucuba referring to the serrated leaves.  

Darmara Peltata
(Umbrella Plant + Indian Rhubarb)

Zones 5 - 9
Partial Shade + Moisture
Pink Tall Flower spikes in Early Spring
Large Leaves emerge after flowers
Clumps can reach 4 Ft Tall and 3 Ft Wide
Leaves turn red in autumn
Spreads by Rhizomes + Can be aggressive in moist soil.



At some point in time . . .

One Day . . . I'd like to extend the dining room window area out & make it into a French Door with steps
down to ground level something like these photos.