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Fish Pond Project:

The fish pond is a nice area that needs some care both for the sake of the fish ( 2 Koi and an as yet undetermined number of Fantail Goldfish) and for aesthetic appeal.  The various challenges are listed
with the photos.

Taken from the West corner of the pond.  
Don't know what that stump is that has been 
hacked down ( not by us ) but its putting out 
many new shoots.
Obviously a large plant which will block the view
if it remains thus it has to removed.
Later - its Honeysuckle - we keep hacking, and it keeps coming.  Needs a major dig.

Taken from where the table is in the above picture.
A lot of Bamboo on the left side of this photo
plus much other overgrown + unidentified stuff including major amounts of Lamium/Deadnettle.  
What I formerly thot was EE's I've now identifed as Petasites Japonica, a plant that prefers shade, so it will be moved to the *shed path area*.

Taken from the East side of the pond.
The rope stuff hanging down is to keep the Kingfishers + Herons dive bombing for dinner.  It is  however not aesthetically pleasing.  As well the netting around the pond is loose and sloppy.  
In some places its impeding the growth of various trees.  There is no actual "entrance" to the pond 
itself which makes skimming stuff off challenging.
All these issues we need to address.

Jungle Area behind Pond

*Tropicalesque* Considerations For This Area :

Alocasia Mazzorhiza

These will need to be bulbs/corms that are lifted every year I believe.


Colocasia Portodora (aka Odora) perhaps?

Canna Florence Vaughan

Colocasia Illustrus

Musa Sikkimensis


Perry D Slocum Lotus

Saw Palmetto

Ensete Ventricosum Maureli
aka Red Banana

Melianthus Major aka Honeybush



Fish Patio Project:

As you'll see below the fish pond was behind a majorally overgrown arbor of honeysuckle/roses and
ivy and could not be seen from the house.  As the arbor had collapsed some time ago, we decided
we'd prefer to see the fish pond rather than hide it so we've hauled it down.  The remaining portion
was 'resurrected' with a new entrance for the stairs to the fish pond.

The portion to the left of the bird feeder
(now relocated) is the portion we cleared out.
Not an easy task as it was chock full of very old roses -- read -- LOTS of thorns.

This is the opposite side from the photo above.  To the left you can see the stairway down to the pond.

Area largely cleared - just need to get the rest of the arbor thing up and resupported.
This area gets the early AM sun and will be a
great spot for morning coffee in the summer
once the deck/patio is in.  Later comment - the wood in the rest of the
arbor was so rotten that we replaced
it entirely.  This meant tearing off all the growth so we are starting from scratch 
with that.

Taken from the 2nd story of the house looking down on the same area from above.

Arbor area rebuilt.  



Sundial Project:

The Sundial is just in front of the fish pond area and behind a hedge.  The brick needs major cleaning
of moss and the sundial itself could use a little TLC.

This hedge surrounds the sundial.  It leans greatly towards the south thus I assume 
there must be strong southeast winter 
winds which blow thru here.
Later - this is Honeysuckle.  It comes back extraordinarily each year and needs major pruning.

Corner of hedge at driveway

Front ( lawn ) side of hedge.
The pond + sundial area are directly 
behind this.

Pine Patio Project:

I call this the "Pine Patio" as there is a large Austrian Pine here.
This area is at the front of the house beside the garage and also overlooks the fish pond.

We've yanked out most of the rose bushes here.  Some had HUGE roots and were quite a job to remove.  Lots of cleanup/clearout yet  to do.  The patio is bricks but we think we'll remove that & use it elsewhere.  The chairs and table have been painted black to blend more appropriately with the ambience of the house however they are essentially homeless as we keep moving them about trying to find somewhere they 'work'.
The Boulevard Cypress have been yanked.  

Same area but moving to the right from the last shot.  There's also a tree peony here of a dark maroon color.  Come fall I hope to transplant the light pink one in the back garden to go along with the one presently here.

This is ( I've recently learned ) is a Golden Deodora located at the south end of the 
Fish Pond.  Interesting tree quite unlike the species Deodora.  It loses all it's needles in late fall so the tree is simply branches.  Just behind at the lower left you can make out 
the white chairs (now black) on the patio.

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